Auto Filling For Traction Battery

2 Nov

PT Sakura Central Solution juga menyediakan Auto Filing yaitu alat otomatis untuk pengisian electrolyte (air aki) ke dalam cell battery, adapun beberapa fungsi pengisian air aki mengguinakan auto filling yaitu sebagai berikut :

1.Mencegah tumpahnya electrolit(air aki) pada saat pengisian
2.Mencegah timbulnya jamur pada tray battery yang disebabkan tumpahnya / meluber air aki ke dalam     sela-sela cell di dalam tray battery.
3.Mempersingkat waktu pengisian dan penambahan electrolit (air aki).
4.Menyamakan level electrolit(air aki) pada setiap Cell yang ada di dalam Traction battery.
5.Menambah life time cell battery
Life time battery akan cepat rusak kalau perawatannya kurang maksimal.Oleh karena itu kami hadir untuk memberikan solusi atas masalah anda sesuai dengan motto perusahaan kami yaitu SOLUTION TO SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM
Water supply

R&R AquaPro

What is AquaPro?

AquaPro is a single point watering system for flooded lead-acid batteries. It makes it possible to refill all the cells of a battery from a single point without opening them individually.

In Depth

Flooded lead-acid batteries power most electric vehicles and equipment. When these batteries are recharged, a chemical reaction called gassing takes place. As a result, batteries lose water. It is essential to replace this water to maintain the correct electrolyte level. Failure to do so causes irreparable damage to the battery.
Ordinarily, it is necessary to open each cell and add water manually. This procedure is time-consuming and has some inherent risks, such as overfilling and acid splash. A single point watering system, such as AquaPro, eliminates these problems and makes the entire procedure much safer and more efficient. AquaPro consists of three basic parts: (1) fill caps, which are permanently affixed to the battery, (2) a water delivery, and (3) a connecting hose system. When it’s time to water the battery (only AFTER charging), the user just has to connect the hose system with the water delivery. The water flows through the hose system and the AquaPro fill caps into the battery cells. Once a cell reaches the proper electrolyte level, that fill cap automatically stops the inflow of water in to that particular battery cell. A flow indicator in the hose coupling signals when all battery cells have enough water. Simply uncouple the water delivery, and the task is finished.

How does AquaPro work?

     Valve open

Valve closed



Replenishing the battery causes the float to rise and releases the valve from its recess. As a result, the water is able to wash around the valve lens and the water stream moves the valve up. Then the water pressure holds the valve lens against the valve-sealing ring and keeps it closed.

In Depth

After the water enters the fill plug, it goes into the water chamber. This chamber remains permanently full of water, acting as a barrier between cells and preventing the potentially explosive transmission of oxy-hydrogen from one cell to another through the water hose system*.

Then the water flows into the heart of the AquaPro fill cap — the patented shut-off valve. In the open position, the valve lens remains in its recess, totally removed from the water stream. This positioning allows a larger volume of water to pass through the valve and facilitates AquaPro´s superior fill speed.

After passing the shut-off valve, the water flows into the battery cell. Some of the water flows around the float spindle, removing any possible accumulation of dirt. AquaPro is self-cleaning.

When the electrolyte level rises, it raises the float and float spindle. The top of the float spindle is attached to the valve lens. Float and valve lens are AquaPro’s only moving parts. Both move vertically and there are no levers or other apparatus to get clogged.

The moment the valve is released from its recess, the inflowing water is able to wash around the valve lens and the water stream carries the valve up with it. The force required to move the valve from the open position to the closed position comes from the hydrodynamic energy generated by the water stream. This means the float only activates the shut-off procedure — by bringing the valve into the water stream. The actual closure of the valve uses hydrodynamic energy. Once the valve is in the shut-off position, hydrostatic pressure holds the valve lens against the sealing ring and keeps it closed. More water pressure equals more shut-off pressure. That’s why AquaPro’s shut-off valve remains securely closed, even under 100 psi of pressure.

While other single point watering systems use the limited force of float buoyancy to stop the fill process, AquaPro uses a perfect combination of the hydrodynamic and hydrostatic forces of water, always adapting to existing pressure conditions making it superior to anything else.

AquaPro Fill Caps

AquaPro Fill Caps are the core of our single point watering system.
They come in 5 standard lengths to match the 5 most common cap styles used worldwide.

1/4 Turn
1/8 Turn
most European
most American
some Japanese
some Spanish
some Italian
Gravity Tank                                                                        Coupler

All-In-One Coupler Male is…

  • one Coupler
  • one Valve
  • one Filter
  • one Flow indicator
  • one Y-Splitter (optional)

All-In-One Coupler Female is…

  • one Coupler
  • one Valve
  • one Filter
  • one Y-Splitter (optional)

Water Delivery selection guide

AquaPro operates with a variety of water delivery systems. This table helps to determine which system is most suitable for a given situation.

     Direct Fill Hose

  • To water batteries directly from the faucet
  • No installation of bulky components required
  • Very fast, convenient filling
  • No tank to refill

Note: Requires a faucet. A Deionizer option is available for water that is not sufficiently pure for battery use.

     Gravity Tank

  • Simplest way to water a battery
  • No mechanical or electric parts that could break down
  • Allows watering with distilled water

Note: Requires a hook or shelf to hold the tank. Fill speed will depend on the distance of the drop between the tank and the battery. The drop should at least 1.5 meters (5 ft). Mor drop results in faster filling.

     Manual Pump Tank

  • Ideal solution for facilities with one lift truck
  • Allows watering with distilled water
  • Portable, no elevation or installation required
  • No power source needed
Untuk pemesanan dan info lebih lanjut, bisa menghubungi saya :
Hernisya Yosi Syam (0821 1888 3829 / 0896 3096 4442)

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